Features of Black Hawk

The Black Hawk metal detector comes with the following features and advantages:

OKM's Black Hawk Metal Detector

Individual settings for signal delay and interference optimize your results and adjust the metal detectors peak performance for your local soil. The Black Hawk can be used in different terrains such as desert, beach, clay, rocky soils, highly mineralized soils, mountainous areas, outback, bush land and scrub soils.

With a powerful 600 MHz processor, this unit is well equipped for treasure hunters and prospectors to quickly find metallic objects like

The new Black Hawk metal detector is not only capable of detecting rings, coins and jewelry but is also well suited for the detection of nuggets, placer and alluvial gold. The 16 cm (6") search coil has been optimized to locate the smallest of items in the toughest of terrains. Whether your search takes you along the banks of your local creek or your favorite stretch of beach, the coils are submersible to make finding your treasure in both wet and dry a breeze.

OKM's Black Hawk Metal Detector OKM's Black Hawk Metal Detector