Accessories for Black Hawk

The Standard or Basic Kit of the Black Hawk metal detector includes the 36 cm Search Coil only. But sometimes a smaller or bigger search coil could be of help. So we designed two additional search coils which can be purchased individually or as part of the Complete Kit.

36 cm Search Coil for Black Hawk metal detector

The 36 cm (14") search coil comes with every basic package and is suitable to all general metal detecting needs. You can easily locate metallic items, such as lost jewelry, gold rings, silver objects, coins, gold nuggets and buried treasure. You can locate precious metals with extreme ease with this detection coil.


With the 36 cm (14") search coil you can easily find:
larger gold nuggets, lost items like rings, coins, jewelry, war material, buried treasures, gold and silver bars, hidden weapons, antique objects, statues, valuable bracelets and chains and more.

16 cm Search Coil for Black Hawk metal detector

The 16 cm (6") search coil is an optional detection coil for the Black Hawk basic kit. This smaller PI mono coil is specially designed to locate very small metallic items, such as gold nuggets, rings or coins. Because of its small design, it can identify small objects much easier and better than the larger detection coils. This is very important, specially if you are mainly looking for small masses of gold, silver, copper or any other type of metal near to the surface. The 16 cm (6") search coil can reach depths up to max. 2 m, depending on target size, material, soil type and local conditions.


With the 16 cm (6") search coil you can easily find:
gold nuggets, raw gold, alluvial gold, gold coins, rings, jewelry, precious metals, meteorits

150 x 150 cm Search Coil for Black Hawk metal detector

The 150 x 150 cm (5' x 5') search coil is specialized to locate larger deep buried metallic masses. Due to its large size it can reach increadible depths up to 8 m. This square coil can find buried treasures like artifacts, hidden objects, chests, metal boxes, gold and silver bars, statues, precious metals, metal tanks or ferrous metals underground.


With the 150 x 150 cm (5' x 5') search coil you can easily find:
deep buried treasure, gold bars, treasure boxes and chests, wooden boxes filled with gold coins, metal tanks, lost manhole covers, metallic pipelines, war material, crashed airplanes, reinforced bunkers, bronze statues and figures