Black Hawk
Pulse Induction Metal Detector

The new Black Hawk pulse induction metal detector from OKM Metal Detectors enables the user to locate precious metals with extreme ease as deep as a metal detector can go. This gold detector was built with the treasure hunter in mind! It has been simplified to work at full efficiency within minutes out of the box. You don't need months of practice to become proficient with the Black Hawk. Know if the metal is a ferrous or non-ferrous. Ground balancing this detector is done very quickly with half of the process automated for you.

This high powered metal detector can find single nuggets down to over 45 cm (18") deep and larger gold and silver objects like a treasure chest to depths well in excess of 8 m (26')! This is all done by creating a high energy eddy current which allows this detector to search deeper than the competition! Another advantage is that this pulse induction metal detector can be used in nearly all terrains and does not respond to typical iron mineralization or black sand.

Customer Feedbacks

One of my friends was searching in the forests in Mali with his Black Hawk and found 12 kg of raw gold. Now he's a rich man.

I found several pieces of gold nuggets near the surface with my Black Hawk. There were people in front of me using another detector model, but they missed the objects I have detected.

I just got my Black Hawk out of the box and started going over the places I searched before with my other detector. Within a few minutes I understand how to set up the unit to my local soils. I found it very easy to use and after only half an hour came home with a few finds in my pocket.

When I started detecting with my Black Hawk it was reacting very strongly and giving a beep everywhere. I was not able to locate the exact position of a real target. After I called OKM and spoke with one of their experts, he recommended to increase the Interference value and fine tune with the Delay. Now that I know this trick, it's really easy and the unit gives incredible results. A user video would have been useful.